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    • Vilém Reiser on 7.12.2012 at 16.55
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    Ahoj příteli !
    Asi omylem mně přišliy z ČRK qsl lístky. Je jich asi 30. Nevím jestli jsi členem ČRK , proto mi sděl kam je mám poslat ,jestli na tvou adresu nebo zpět.
    S pozdravem Vilda ok1tvr

    1. Moc děkuji za informace, qsl došli v pořádku, děkuji

      1. I have learned a lot in my quest to talk to the ISS . . . not the least of which how to poke anroud all the menus that drive my two radios (VX8-R and FT-857). The uplink frequency is 145.800 and the downlink frequency is 144.490 for ITU Regions 2 3. Everything is done relative to UTC. They are typically on the radio during off hours so picking a good angle pass during there off time is critical. I should have my General in a month or so depending on work and study schedule.

    2. Hey!!! I took my first HAM radio class last night! It was great! We need to find a better looaticn since the place we are in is uncomfortable and there is no table for taking notes. I’m going to call the guy who runs the classes and see if he wants me to use my apartment building’s common room, we’ve got tables and comfortable chairs

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